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The RFID Professional Institute welcomes subject-matter experts (SMEs) to join us in developing the RFID Professional Institute Certification credentials, as well as educational and training materials. Creating standardized exams requires the contributions of experts. We believe standardize exams promotes professionalism in the industry and makes it easier to hire qualified RFID experts. SMEs who participate will be expected to invest time reviewing questions and answers (items), and reviewing educational and training materials.

Please review the SME Qualification Guidelines, and if you feel you would like to contribute, please fill out the SME Application Form.

SME Process:

SMEs are appointed in accordance with the policies established by the RFID Professional Institute's Founding Board of Directors (see the SME Qualification Guidelines).  

SME's may contribute questions for the exams, but the main task of SMEs is to review questions to determine if they are fair and clearly written, and to review educational materials to ensure the information is accurate, clear and up-to-date.

All SMEs will be recognized on the RFID Professional Institute website and receive a badge that they can use on their resume and email footer. For more information, see the Benefits of Becoming and SME.

More information on becoming a SME is available here. If you feel you can commit a few hours each month to support our mission and help grow the RFID industry, please complete and submit our SME Registration Form.

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