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RFID4U, a leading education and training firm, will be offering certification training at the following upcoming events:

RFID Journal LIVE!

May 9-11, 2023

Orlando, Florida

Certification training is designed to educate participants on the material that will be covered in the certification exam. The training is intense and is most useful for those who have some basic knowledge of RFID technology and concepts already.

Training is offered by some companies over the course of several days. Training done at events is typically one-day, fast-track training and the price includes the fee of an exam voucher.


Currently, the only training for the Associate-level exam is available. The professional level exam is designed for RFID professionals with several years of hands-on experience in the industry.


Details of organisations offering training can be found in our  Resources section.


An Introduction to the RFID Professional Institute

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If you are an experienced RFID professional who would like to contribute your expertise to the Institute's examination materials then click here to find out more

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