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The following is a list of resources that we feel may be helpful to members of the RFID community worldwide. We offer this as a service to the community but do not in any way warrant that the information provided by the various sources is accurate.


There are a number of sites that offer an overview of RFID technology and an explanation of some of the basic terminology. Here are a few to explore:

RFID Glossaries

You will need a complete understanding of RFID terminology to pass the certification exams. Here are several online glossaries from which you can learn:

Standards Information

Many of the RFID protocols used in industry are covered by the ISO-18000 series standards, formally called the “Parameters for Air Interface Communications.” You can find an explanation of these standards at:

EPC-related Information

One of the most common global standard RFID identification schemes is the Electronic Product Code (EPC). EPC standards cover not only the air-interface protocol, but also the tag data, reader management, data sharing, UHF RFID regulations and other aspects of a complete RFID system. You can learn about all of these by visiting:

Case Studies

The RFID Professional Institute exams cover applications of RFID. You can learn about these by reading news articles about RFID deployments and case studies of real-world applications.


The RFID Professional Institute offers this list of organisations providing RFID training, either online or instructor-led. Some training offerings may be aimed specifically at preparing students for an RFID Professional Institute certification exam; others may not. The Institute does not claim that the list is all-inclusive. Likewise, the inclusion of an organisation on the list should not in any way be construed as a recommendation by the Institute, or guarantee that a student taking the organisation’s training will pass an RPI certification examination.​


Organizations providing RFID training, but not listed above, are welcome to contact the RFID Professional Institute about adding their names and websites. Click here if you are interested in being listed.

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