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The following is a list of resources that we feel may be helpful to members of the RFID community worldwide. We offer this as a service to the community but do not in any way warrant that the information provided by the various sources is accurate.

Associate Exam
Study Guide


The RFID Professional Institute has created a Study Guide for those who wish to prepare for the Associate Certificate Exam. The Guide covers everything on the exam, but is also a valuable resource for those who need to learn about RFID but do not need to pass the certification exam.

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The RFID Professional Institute consulted with experienced RFID end users and integrators who have completed multiple successful RFID projects to develop an Application Requirements Template that companies can use to ensure they write requirements that are complete, well-thought-out and will lead to success.

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Application Requirements Template
RFID Glossary

You will need a complete understanding of RFID terminology to pass the certification exams. RFID Journal has the best RFID glossary on the web:

EPC-related Information

One of the most common global standard RFID identification schemes is the Electronic Product Code (EPC). EPC standards cover not only the air-interface protocol, but also the tag data, reader management, data sharing, UHF RFID regulations and other aspects of a complete RFID system. You can learn about all of these by visiting:

Case Studies

The RFID Professional Institute exams cover applications of RFID. You can learn about these by reading news articles about RFID deployments and case studies of real-world applications.


The only company currently offering training aimed at helping individuals pass the RFID Professional Institute Associate Certificate exam is RFID4U.​ Organizations interested in offering training can contact us directly.

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