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General Questions
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What is the RFID Professional Institute?

The Institute is an autonomous, non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable, scientific, and educational organization, dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in effective and appropriate application of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in industry, government, and non-commercial organizations through technology-neutral, vendor-neutral, and independent RFID education, certification(s), and applied RFID research.

It was originally formed as the International RFID Institute but was renamed in 2014 to better reflect the Institute's emphasis on improving professionalism within the global RFID industry.

Our mission is to promote the “public good” that comes from having industry and professionals achieve high levels of professionalism through the research, education, and development of the RFID science and knowledge-base; and validation of that knowledge obtained through professional certification.

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Why was the Institute formed?

A group of individuals concerned about the professionalism of RFID implementors and the success of RFID deployments came together in April 2012 to launch an effort to replace RFID+ Certification, which was retired by CompTIA in 2011. All individuals participating in the creation of the Institute have donated their time and expertise and agreed that the institute will own all intellectual property contributed during the creation of the Institute’s Certification Program.

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Who are the Founding Members?

The RFID Professioanl Institute was founded by several leaders in the RFID industry who believe an investment in forming such a not-for-profit organization focused on education, research, and certification will benefit both RFID professionals and the general public. See the list of founders here.

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What technologies will be covered under the RFID Professional Institute’s Certification Program?

We take a broad view of the term “radio frequency identification” because it is essential that implementers understand all the tools at their disposal. We will also cover non-RFID technologies that might be part of or an alternative to an RFID solution. For more information, see our RFID Technologies page.

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When will I be able to become certified?

The RFID Professional Institute held the first in person Associate Level exams in Orlando in April 2014.

Since then the Institute has developed the Professional Level exam and the facility for candidates to take either exam online.

See our Associate Certification page or the Professional Certification page for more details on how to take these exams.

More advanced certification levels will be introduced in the future.

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What is a Subject Matter Expert?

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is someone who has either academic or other expertise in an area, usually with real-world experience. Subject matter experts are recruited to help further the Institute's programs (e.g. developing materials for certification testing).

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How can I become a Subject Matter Expert?

If you would like to become a SME, please see our SMEs section for more information.

If you would like to just see what experience & knowledge is required on our Qualification Guidelines page.

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Membership Questions
Who are current RFID Professional Institute members?

The RFID Professional Institute membership includes both U.S.-based and international individuals and organizations covering the full spectrum of the RFID industry, including hardware and software suppliers, systems integrators, training organizations and media companies. We are working hard to expand membership around the world.

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What membership levels are available?

There are three primary types of membership – Advisory Council Member, organizational Member and Individual member. Within these three categories, we have different pricing for companies, government agencies and nonprofits, and academics. For more details, visit our Membership section.

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What is the cost of a yearly membership?

The cost of membership depends on whether you join as a company or individual and whether you join as an Advisory Council Member, Corporate Member, Government/Nonprofit Member or Academic Member. For more details, visit our Membership section.

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Can I upgrade my membership level?

Yes, any organizational member can upgrade to Advisory Council level before their expiration of your annual membership. The additional cost will be prorated based on how many months in your membership remain. If less than six months remain, you will be required to sign up for another 12 months at the Advisory Council Member rate.

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Can non-Advisory Council Members participate on the Advisory Council?

Yes, any member is eligible to participate on a council. The Board of Directors will decide how many people can participate and what role each individual can play in council activities. The Board can vote new members onto the Advisory Council.

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Why should I consider becoming an Advisory Council Member?

Advisory Council Members have a leadership voice in the industry through the Institute and can help to shape the Institute’s Certification Program. Advisory Council members can nominate subject matter experts to participate in the development of certification tests and enjoy the enhance status of having subject matter experts on their staff. Advisory Council Members also get complimentary vouchers and discounts on testing. For more details, visit our membership page.

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Why do you have individual memberships?

There are many individuals who have a great deal of knowledge and expertise that they can contribute to the Institute and the RFID industry. We created individual memberships to ensure that the Institute can benefit from their expertise and so that individuals can enjoy the benefits of membership and be recognized for their achieved level of professional knowledge regarding RFID.

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Can non-U.S. companies join the Institute?

Yes, organizations around the world are encouraged to join the Institute

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Do you have to be a member of the Institute to receive training and certification?

No, the RFID Professional Institute offers certification to members and nonmembers alike. Individuals who are employed by member organizations receive discounts and other benefits reserved for member organizations.

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Where can I get more details about member benefits?

For more details on the types of memberships available and the benefits associated with each type of membership, visit our Membership section.

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Where can I review the Bylaws?

The Bylaws can be viewed and downloaded here

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