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The certification process is designed to ensure consistency, openness and fairness in the certification programs and individual test questions created by the RFID Professional Institute. It is also designed to ensure consistency in the certification development process across multiple certification programs.

The process is overseen by the Institute's Board of Directors to make sure that the certification offered is truly in line with what the RFID community requires to maintain professionalism. Below are the steps from conception to certification delivery.


The Board initiates a business case analysis to understand the potential of a new certification program.


If the business case analysis suggests the need for a new certification program, the Board approves the development of a new RFID certification and defines the broad scope of the certification program.


The Board appoints a Certification Committee to lead the development of the new certification program and names one person to chair the Certification Committee.


The Board appoints an SME nomination committee that will evaluate new SME applications and make recommendations to the Board.


Where appropriate, the Certification Committee undertakes a task analysis to understand what skills and knowledge those doing the job related to the certification need.


The Certification Committee solicits input from SMEs and the broader RFID on what should be included and excluded from the certification program as well as the relative weightings each topic should receive.


The Board publicly announces the plan to create a new certification program and outlines a rough timetable for the process.


The Certification Committee recruits new subject matter experts and invites existing SMEs to help write and edit test questions New SMEs are evaluated by the nomination committee, which recommends to the Board which candidate should be approved.


The Board of Directors approves or rejects SMEs recommended by the nomination committee.


The Certification Committee creates a blueprint for the new certification program. The blueprint consists of the topics to be covered as well as the relative weightings for each subject covered in the certification.


The Board publishes the blueprint for the exam, which includesthe topics to be covered and the proposed weightings for each, and requests input from the RFID community.


The Certification Committee creates a common knowledge document from which items (questions) are developed. SMEs submit items.


SME editors revise submitted items.


A group of beta-testers reflective of the population likely to seek RFID Professional Institute certification is invited to take the certification test to help evaluate the quality and fairness of the questions.


Any poorly worded or biased items are revised, removed or replaced in the item bank.


The Board approves the new certification program and announces that testing can begin.

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