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The RFID Professional Institute was established in 2012 as an autonomous educational organization to foster professionalism in the RFID industry through independent, vendor- and technology-neutral certification exams. The founders  created a roadmap for the development of four levels of certification, ranging from Associate to Expert (see Certification Process).

In 2013, the RFID Professional Institute's board of directors approved a step-by-step process for developing each certification exam (see Certification Process). The board undertook an extensive process to determine what should be covered on the exam. The team solicited feedback and made changes to the curriculum, then drafted questions and had people in the industry take the test. Based on feedback they provided, the questions were revised and some were discarded. The board approved the RFID Professional Institute Associate Certificate exam in early 2014.


To obtain this credential, the candidate needs to demonstrate a broad knowledge of all types of RFID, as well as related technologies, including 2D bar codes, infrared and ultrasound. The candidate must know terms used in the RFID industry, understand the differences in how radio waves behave at different frequencies, learn the standards that govern RFID and demonstrate knowledge of some common applications for the different types of RFID systems. For a deeper understanding of the exam, please view the Associate Certificate Exam Curriculum.

In 2019, the board created a second exam, the RFID Professional Institute Professional Level Certification. This test went through the same rigorous process as its predecessor. For a deeper understanding of this exam, please view the Professional Certificate Exam Curriculum.

Over time, board members had personal and/or professional commitments that led to their inability to devote further time to the Institute, and in 2022, they voted to disband the organization and transfer the Institute's assets—that is, the curriculum for the exams, as well as the question banks—to RFID Strategies LLC, which is owned by Mark Roberti, the founding and current president of the Institute, in the hope that he might revive the organization at some point. 

If you are interested in taking the RFID Professional Institute Certification exams, please visit the Get Certified page. If you are interested in supporting our effort to promote professionalism in the RFID industry through technology- and vendor-neutral exams, consider becoming a Subject Matter Expert.

The Institute is currently developing exam study guides and other educational materials, which we hope will benefit all those deploying and using RFID technologies.

Associate Study Guide Cover

Purchase the study guide and an exam voucher and save $100.

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If you are an experienced RFID professional who would like to contribute your expertise toward creating the Institute's educational and examination materials, click here to learn more about the role of SMEs.

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