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The RFID Professional Institute was established in 2012 as an autonomous educational organization to foster professionalism in the RFID industry through independent, vendor- and technology-neutral certification exams. We have created a roadmap for the development of four levels of certification, ranging from Associate to Expert (see Certification Process).

In 2013, the RFID Professional Institute's board of directors approved a step-by-step process for developing each certification exam (see Certification Process). To ensure the exam's integrity, subject-matter experts who submit items (questions) are not permitted to see the items submitted by other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). A separate group of RFID professions not involved in education or training edits the questions.

The first exam, launched in 2014 and refined through 2016, is the RFID Professional Institute Associate Certificate. The holder of this credential will be able to demonstrate a broad knowledge of all types of RFID, as well as related technologies, including 2D bar codes, infrared and ultrasound. To obtain this credential, the candidate will need to know terms used in the RFID industry, understand the differences in how radio waves behave at different frequencies, learn the standards that govern RFID and demonstrate knowledge of some common applications for the different types of RFID systems. For a deeper understanding of this exam, please view the Associate Level Exam Guide.

In 2017 we ran pilots for the RFID Professional Institute Professional Certificate exam moves forward to where candidates are expected to have a good understanding of the more technical aspects of RFID and in particular the knowledge required to successfully deploy such systems. This exam is now available alongside the Associate Level exam. For a deeper understanding of this exam, please view the Professional Level Exam Guide.

If you are interested in taking the an RFID Professional Institute Certification exam, please visit the Get Certified page.

We are currently looking at developing Certification for specialist areas of RFID such as Tag & Antenna Design and RFID In Harsh Environments.

If you are interested in helping us develop or edit questions, please visit the SME section of this site.


An Introduction to the RFID Professional Institute

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About the Institute


If you are an experienced RFID professional who would like to contribute your expertise to the Institute's examination materials then click here to find out more

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