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RFID Associate Certificate Exam Study Guide

The RFID Professional Institute has created a new Study Guide to enable anyone anywhere int he world to prepare for and take the RFID Professional Institute's Associate Certificate exam. The guide covers all of the fundamentals of passive LF, HF and UHF RFID, as well as active RFID systems. It's an 80-page, comprehensive resource that will allow those who need to understand the different types of RFID and how they are used to get up to speed quickly. 

The guide is based on years of firsthand knowledge gained by experts in the RFID field who have been writing about RFID deployments and doing actual deployments. The Institute stands behind the accuracy and quality of the information in the guide. You could spend weeks searching the Internet for similar information, but the quality of that information would vary tremendously and much of it would be out of date. If you want to know the critical information about RFID, purchase the Study Guide today. Save $100 when you buy an exam founder and the Study Guide together.


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RFID Application Requirements Cover

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