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Institute Offers RFID Application Requirements Template

New document will help companies write requirements that lead to a scucessful RFID deployment.

April 25, 2024—Writing the application requirements for an RFID project is critical to its success. Many companies, and even some experienced integrators, get tripped up during an RFID project because they failed to write complete and detailed application requirements before work began. The RFID Professional Institute consulted with experienced RFID enders and integrators who have completed multiple successful RFID projects to develop an Application Requirements Template, which is now available for $49 on the Institute’s website.


“The application requirements template is the blueprint for any RFID project,” said RFID Professional Institute president Mark Roberti. “Get the requirements right and the project is likely to proceed in a well-thought-out, organized manner and be a success. Get them wrong and the project is likely to end in failure.”


The editable Microsoft Word documents explains in clear, concise terms the aspects of the solution that must be described and documented and gives general examples to help guide companies writing RFID application requirements for the first time.


The document explains how to define the current business problem RFID is meant to address, identify the causes, and describe the proposed solution. Among the topics covered are:


  • Major system capabilities

  • System conditions or limitations

  • Application/system users

  • User requirements

  • Proposed new processes

  • Proposed changes to existing processes

  • Proposed elimination of processes

  • Company policies and regulatory requirements

  • Data requirements

  • Training requirements

  • Success criteria and how to define them


“Even for those with some experience deploying an RFID system, the Application Requirements Template likely includes a number of items that you would not think to include,” said Roberti. “End users can use the document to help ensure that their integrator is covering all the basis and ensuring that every aspect of system design is being addressed.”


The RFID Professional Institute’s Application Requirements Template can be purchased through the


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