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Institute Updates the RFID Associate Certification Exam

The changes reflect recent developments in the RFID industry and better delineates what's covered on the Associate Certicate Exam and the Professional Certificate Exam.



Students in certification training course

May 10, 2024—The RFID Professional Institute announced today that it has updated its Associate Certificate Exam. The exam was introduced in 2014 and updated in 2018.


“A lot has changed in the RFID industry since 2018,” said Institute co-founder and president Mark Roberti. “Standards have changed, new applications have been introduced, robots are now being used to capture data automatically. The new exam reflects these changes.”


The update also is designed to differentiate more clearly what’s covered on the Associate Certificate exam and the Professional Certificate exam. “Previously there were questions about implementing RFID solutions on both exams,” said Roberti. “We have moved all questions about implementation to the Professional exam, which is also in the process of being updated.”


The Associate Certificate exam now goes into greater depth about the fundamentals of RFID. It covers:

  • Core Terminology

  • The Different Types of RFID

  • Radio Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • Communication Methods and Performance Characteristics

  • Standards and Regulations

  • Passive LF and HF System Components

  • Passive UHF System Components

  • Active RFID System Components

  • RFID Peripherals and Other Equipment

  • RFID Software

  • RFID Data

  • The Different Types of RFID Product and Service Providers

  • Privacy, Security and Safety

  • Common Use Cases for Each Type of RFID


“Companies hiring people with an RFID Professional Institute Associate Certificate can be assured that those new hires have a good understand of the different types of RFID technology, the standards that govern each system, their components and peripherals, how each performs and why one is better than another for certain applications.”


For more information or to download the curriculum, visit the Associate Certificate page of this site.

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